Become an Advocate to Help End Hunger

To truly make an impact in the fight against hunger, we need partnership with our state and federal government. That's why we're building a community of advocates to strengthen food assistance programs and invest in anti-hunger policies to help ensure that our South Dakota neighbors facing hunger have access to food and the resources they need to thrive.

A child who cannot rely on dinner at home is assured breakfast at school because of the School Breakfast Program. A working mother who is struggling to make ends meet knows she can get help to feed her family through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Food Assistance Programs are only as strong as the support they receive on Capitol Hill, and in Pierre.

There are many ways you can support our policy priorities that create real and lasting change, improving the lives and health of millions. Learn more about these priorities and how you can take action.

The Farm Bill

Our nation's farmers pride themselves on producing the safest and highest-quality food in the world, and they also believe in helping neighbors facing hunger.

The Farm Bill is the single largest piece of federal legislation for food and farming. It impacts access to nutritious food for the millions of people in the US facing hunger. This legislation is renewed approximately every five years and can strengthen almost every federal nutrition program that helps ease the strain and stress of hunger in communities across our state.

Essential to the work that we do here at Feeding South Dakota are three programs that assist families and individuals facing hunger:

Impacts in South Dakota

In alignment with Feeding America, our priorities for this year’s renewal are to strengthen and protect these important programs through increased funding and changes that improve access:

  • Increase funding for TEFAP food purchases to ensure food banks can continue serving everyone in our communities.
  • Increase funding for TEFAP storage and distribution to help food banks offset the cost of storing and transporting USDA foods, especially in rural communities.
  • Reauthorize and streamline reporting for CSFP to support the nutrition needs of seniors.
  • Ensure sovereignty for Native communities allowing tribal governments the flexibility to administer federal nutrition programs.
  • Expand the availability of cultural foods.
  • Increase SNAP's purchasing power by basing SNAP benefits on the Low-Cost Food Plan to bring benefit amounts in line with grocery prices.
  • Simplify and streamline SNAP eligibility and enrollment processes to improve access for seniors, college students, and other groups who face barriers.

Farm Bill Recommendations

Read Feeding America's recommendations to Congress for the Farm Bill renewal.

Take Action

This year, we have an opportunity to help both farmers and communities in need that only comes around twice a decade. Ask Congress to pass a strong 2023 Farm Bill that increases funding for key federal agriculture and nutrition programs!

Contact Our Legislators

Tell them your story and share our overview of the impact this legislation will have on communities throughout South Dakota. Share how Feeding South Dakota's programs impact your community.

Social Networking

Are you usually the person bringing friends and family together by text and email? We could use your support in social networking, emailing and cross-posting to help us make a difference for people facing hunger. Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then help us spread the word by sharing with your circles.

Tag our legislators and use #FarmBill, #FarmBill23, #EndHunger, #FeedingSD to amplify your message.

Fast Action

This chance to ease the strain and stress of hunger in our communities through the farm bill only comes around once every five years—and this year, it's all hands on deck! Use these Fact Action form letters to contact Congress: