Wellness Pantries

The science of nutrition is clear: good eating habits can have dramatically positive effects on health and wellbeing.

Good Nutrition Can:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower the risk for diabetes and heart disease
  • Help children achieve more academically
  • Lead to longer life expectancy

For individuals facing hunger, lack of access to the right food at the right time can mean new or worsened health conditions, chronic stress, higher medical costs and coping strategies that create a cycle of poor health. Our partnerships with healthcare systems to provide Wellness Pantries allows individuals who screen positive for food insecurity at a medical appointment to have immediate access to food and receive resources that connect them to a long-term solution.

The pantries provide a variety of foods that encourage a balanced diet. Education on healthy food choices and nutritional meals to meet the patient’s dietary needs is also provided.

Eating well helps improve lives and build strong, healthy communities.