Beef It Up, South Dakota!

May is National Beef Month

Throughout May, we honor the hardworking beef ranchers who provide South Dakotans with a high-quality, nutritious source of protein. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these dedicated individuals who tirelessly care for their herds, ensuring that families across the state have access to filling meals year-round. So let's raise a fork to National Beef Month and the ranchers who put food on our tables!

Help Provide Beef Protein to South Dakotans Facing Hunger

As food insecurity increases in South Dakota, it leaves many families struggling to access nutritious meals. Protein stands as a vital component of a balanced diet, crucial for overall health and growth, especially for children. Join the fight against hunger and help bring this much needed nutrient to those facing hunger.

Double Your Donation

Thanks to Parker Freeze Dry, dollars donated to Feeding South Dakota this May will be matched and used to purchase beef to be distributed throughout our programs.


Interested in Donating Processed Beef?

Feeding South Dakota welcomes the donation of beef processed through certified processors.

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Visit These Retailers

Visit these participating retailers to show your support as they fundraise for Feeding South Dakota this May!