hand to hand campaign

Hunger in South Dakota

Here in this state, Feeding South Dakota provides emergency food assistance to thousands of people in any given week and hundreds of men, women and children EVERY DAY.

Every day, people in YOUR state, YOUR city and YOUR community need emergency food assistance. These are not just statistics. These are real people, with real lives, and real needs for help. Right now, your co-worker who lost his wife to cancer is struggling to feed his three kids. Your bagger at the grocery store is skipping dinner for the second night in a row. The child your son or daughter plays with at recess hurts from hunger. These people come to Feeding South Dakota for relief and for hope.

And the only way they will ever receive that relief and hope is if YOU are willing to help. Your donations make a difference. Your time makes a difference. Your kindness makes a difference.

YOU make a difference.

So please, donate today, and help Feeding South Dakota eliminate hunger in this state forever.